Baran Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Co. (Barship) has been established for over a decade under the guidance & management of Our Director, who has a profound background and much experience in the field of Pre-Fabricated Houses. Since the establishment of the company the phrase ‘Portacabin’ has become synonymous with the branding of cabins and housing.

Our range of product can be customized to suit all requirements and construction and housing needs from offices, labour camps, schools, commercial work modules to even residential villas. With the extensive expansion of the KSA through the vision of the ruling family, the need for dynamic production and quality assurance remains a pivotal focal issue for our company, developing new and robust design innovations to cater for the growing needs of our clients.

Modernization and development through the introduction of new technologies and materials have helped bring Baran Shipping & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Co. (Barship)  to the status of market leaders and continues to grow in stature with each successful completion and delivery of our products to your satisfaction. We fully comprehend environmental issues, as we continue to develop, innovate and deliver to your satisfaction.

Up to the present day we have completed and delivered over 100,000 units, which is testament to our mission and we will continue to deliver at this standard with your support as,  “Quality is our commitment.”